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change log

Latest CVS Version 0.93beta3_cvs (09/03/2002)

  • applied patch by Michal Kostrzewa (Saving/Loading of Calibration Data, forcing parallel port to be EPP)
  • new parameters: -W (--writecalib), -L (--loadcalib), -F (--force)

Latest CVS Version 0.93beta3_cvs (02/18/2002)

  • ported to FreeBSD (OpenBSD will follow)
  • automatic selection of carriage speed
  • for more details check out the latest version from our CVS repository

Version 0.93beta3 (10/24/2000)

  • added new parameter -S (--Scanner) to specify Primax Colorado D300 / D600 (30Bit version)
  • changed version numbering so have "standard" version numbers (old: 0.93-BETA2 new: 0.93beta3)
  • .spec file should work without modifications now (had problems with our old version numbering scheme)

Version 0.93 (BETA2) (3/12/2000)

  • the makefile is now generated by the GNU tools (aclocal, autoconf, automake)
  • a spec file for building RPM packages is also generated

Version 0.93 (BETA1) (2/27/2000):

  • DEBUG option corrected
  • gamma-bug removed
  • command line options changed
  • scanner goes offline after each scan

Version 0.92a (1/18/2000):

  • fixed a small bug which made the debug output to the screen impossible

Version 0.92 (1/18/2000):

  • parsing of the scan-area is corrected
  • speed is now selectable
  • grey, seperated color and black-white scans are possible now
  • more modules of code (better readable)

Version 0.91 (11/16/1999):

  • black-value tuning is realized
  • all dots of the same color are at the same brightness whether they are in the middle or at the end of a line. (harware calibration)
  • the algorithm for the resolution was improved
  • scan array is now 8.5" x 11.6"

Version 0.2 (03/17/1999):

  • first public release
  • autodetection of EPP port
  • scanning at resolutions up to 300 dpi in RGB
  • command line interface
  • position and size of scan area
  • save images as tiff
  • brightness / contrast / color
  • hard coded (static) calibration