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Where can I find Windows drivers/support/manuals for a Primax XYZ scanner?
(Yes, this is asked *very often* !)

We ARE NOT Primax. Please go to http://www.primax.nl, if you have problems with your Primax scanner under Windows. Please don't ask us Windows related support questions anymore. Any question of this kind will stay unanswered from now on.

Is scanner XYZ supported?
Currently only older Primax parallel port scanners are supported by our driver:

  • Primax Colorado Direct 300
  • Primax Colorado Direct 600/30bit (with some little source modifications)
  • Nework Scanny MM100
  • Genius Colorpage-Vivid+
  • Storm Totalscan
  • Storm ImageWave

There is a first version of a driver for the Primax Colorado D9600 and D600. This driver is made by Gustaf Kroling. More information about it can be found here:

Is the Primax Colorado 4800 supported?
This scanner is in fact a Plustek scanner and should work with the Plustek parallel port driver. See the SANE homepage for more details.

What about "Primax Compact" scanners?
the following parallel port scanners are in fact Plustek scanners sold under the name of Primax: 'Compact 4800 Direct' (a 24bit scanner), 'Compact 4800 Direct 30bit' and 'Compact 9600 30bit'.They can be used with the Plustek backend for SANE. More informatioin can be found at: http://home.t-online.de/home/g-jaeger/plustek.html.
We got some information from Adam Bolte that the Primax Compact 4800 SCSI is working with the SANE backend for the Mustek 600S/600II CD. If you want to use the SCSI card coming with this scanner there's also some information on Adam's page.

What about Primax SCSI scanners?
Primax never produced SCSI scanners, SCSI scanners they sold, came from TECO, they were sold under the names 'Jewel 4800', 'Profi 9600' and 'Profi 19200'.
They are supported by the SANE teco2 backend.

What about Primax USB scanners?
Go to Steven Ellis' page for an E3 based SANE backend.

My scanner is supported, but it is not working!
The current driver supports EPP mode only. EPP-mode has to be set in your BIOS. If you have set ECP+EPP or just ECP, the driver will try switch to the right mode, but it is not very smart. Some boards also have buggy ECP+EPP chipsets, so the Linux parport driver does not recognize the EPP capability when in EPP+ECP mode. A printer connected to the pass through of the scanner may also fool it.

How to install the driver program?
Since we've moved to autoconf it should be quite simple to install the driver program now:

  • un-tar-gz the archive by typing "tar xzf primax_scan-VERSION.tgz at the shell prompt
  • change to the newly created directory and type "./configure"
  • then simply type "make install" in order to have the binary built and installed