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Christian Ordig
Marco Foglia
current driver version: 0.93beta3 (released: 10/24/2000)

Our goal is to make Primax Scanners work under Linux. The reason for this is quite selfish: We own such scanners and want to use them under Linux.

There are two types of Primax parallel port scanners. Our current driver supports the older models. The protocol used was reverse engeneered by us using the Win95 driver. The later scanners use a slightly different protocol. We have received the documentation of the ASIC from Primax after signing an NDA, but it isn't as detailed as we hoped... so work for the later scanner models is still delayed. Furthermore we have received a total of 6 scanners (3 scanners for each one of us) by them for driver development.

So we have the following scanners now:

  • Colorado Direct 300 (the one we already had. Is working just fine now.)
  • Colorado Direct 9600
  • Colorado 1200p
  • Colorado USB 19200

The current driver is not yet a driver. It is a standalone program. If you have a Colorado Direct 300 or 600/30bit you should try this code. A SANE-Backend and the support for the newer models is on the way, but we have very limited leasure time.

Please read the news section of this page to stay informed about new releases and about links to other Primax driver projects.